Hopa Studio is a Warsaw-based design team specialising in branding, established by Piotr Hołub and Marcin Paściak. We believe that designing visual identity systems is a process that begins long before the creation of the logo. We learn about everything the brand wants to communicate – from the client’s actual business requirements to their values, their consumers and their everyday reality.

Each brand’s fascinating story begins with its structure. The co-creation of brand strategies is the responsibility of Julia Cieszko, while the creative and design process is where Piotr Hołub, Marcin Paściak and Łukasz Pachałko take over.

Our work on branding at Hopa Studio consists of four key stages. We start with an analysis and a good plan. During our workshop with the client, a brief is created, which forms the basis for the design and implementation of the project. Our work is a product of thinking about the brand in a comprehensive way. Many elements – one world. We make sure it is always consistent and interesting. We like to mix different areas of design. Product, architecture, fashion, graphics – we often get our inspiration from a variety of sources.

Over the past years, we have gained experience not only in creation, but also in management. We work both for large and small companies. Each new industry is a new challenge. We have created more than 100 designs for brands and cultural institutions. We carefully hand-pick our team for individual ideas and work together to ensure good communication. We have received two Polish Advertising Creators’ Club awards for the visual identities we designed for Uselab and Paperless.

Good job for:

Our office is located in the heart of Warsaw’s Mokotów district, which has become an attractive place for the creative industry. Its simple, austere, industrial urban structure dominated by green areas is home to many companies in the fields of filmmaking, photography, fashion, art, design and technology.

At hopa, we have created a functional space for cooperation and meetings with clients and friends. Peace and quiet outside the window, lots of creative hype in the office.

Mr Hopa says…

The customers are afraid that their customers will be afraid.

Do you really need a business card?

Every design needs a signature.

We have proven that although we are a small company, we can design and implement large projects.

Sometimes the simplest designs take up the most time and energy.

If you are afraid to trust us, trust our portfolio.

A simple design isn’t a cheaper design.

You need a business card.

Don’t attach to the first presentation.

Don’t start your email with ”we are a small business”. So are we.

Put your cards on the table, say it as it is, don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Don’t have a brief? Come and have a chat.