Akademeia High School is a prestigious Warsaw high school, which thanks to innovative education programmes stands out in terms of the Polish educational offer. Its founders assume that the school should be a place where students will be able to develop their academic interests, broaden their horizons, get education at the highest level and prepare to study at the best foreign universities.

The programme was created on the basis of extensive experience in educational consulting, knowledge and skills of teachers, specialists and educational psychologists. The Akademeia High School is also an amazing space. In September 2017, the school moved to a new building in Miasteczko Wilanów, designed by Medusa Group the award-winning architectural studio.

Whilst still at the stage of creating a new school headquarters, the founders asked us to implement the most important, basic elements of visual identification, which in subsequent stages could be developed internally by the brand.

We have created a characteristic logo and marks for additional brands for Akademeia High School.  We have created the necessary identification and the wayfinding system in the first school building. The innovative educational approach of the Akademeia High School also required us to produce printed materials for students and elements of the “welcome pack”, necessary for a multistage school recruitment. The communication of Akademeia High School is also directed to the parents of future pupils to a large extent. With them in mind, we have prepared a rich presentation of the school offer.

Our design strategy from the beginning has been based on the most important values that the representatives of Akademeia High School presented to us during creative workshops. The meeting was prepared by us in terms of the specificity of the industry and the main communication trends that we are currently observing in the field of education.

However, the most important challenge was the aesthetics that we knew from the very beginning that we would have to adapt to the very high expectations of the founders of the school – that being extremely conscious people interested in contemporary graphic design, interior design and architecture.

In our work, therefore, we focused on the definition of “modern prestige”, which the Akademeia High School strives to pursue both in its programme and the designed space.

The school was founded to create the most prestigious private high school in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe, whose graduates will study at the top universities in Europe and the United States. The high school represents the best traditions of British private schools, blending new routes in Polish education. Such values inspired us to create a mark with a traditional pedigree – a shield, but also a very modern form and aesthetics.

Scope of work:

– brand strategy workshops
– logo and company materials design
– production of company materials

Photos of company materials: ©Hopa studio