The Artystyczna Podróż Hestii Foundation looks at young talents
and rewards the most promising creators. Each edition of the competition is a reason to talk more about the condition, experiences and fears of the young generation of artists.

The fluid reality we live in and where the art world functions, requires our reaction. Active actions are fueled by asking questions and exchanging creative thoughts. The final exhibition of the 18th edition of the APH competition with its comprehensive visual design that we took care of, encourages to react, which may become a pretext for a substantive discussion about the attitudes, experiences and fears that we all face today, regardless of the profession in which we develop.

Reaction – the whole idea of identification is based on this single word. The conceptual work is followed by a chain reaction: starting with website design, graphic materials for the campaign in social media and a promotional film by OnlyOnly produced in cooperation with Ładne Rzeczy, through posters, invitations, notebooks, gift bags, interior design arrangements, to the catalogue that sums up the venture.

Using animation and interactive elements, we have obtained a number of coherent and engaging solutions. Close cooperation with the printing house, vigilant communication and supervision over building the exhibition allowed us to obtain a measured effect, subject to creative recycling in the hands and heads of the competition participants.


Client: Fundacja Artystyczna Podróż Hestii
Project Coordination: Aleksandra Dobrowolska-Grobel / Fundacja Artystyczna Podróż Hestii
Project manager: Jagoda Sosińska
Art director: Piotr Hołub
Designers: Piotr Hołub, Łukasz Pachałko, Marcin Paściak
Film production: OnlyOnly
Set design: Ładne Rzeczy
Arrangement of exhibition interiors: Aleksandra Dobrowolska-Grobel / Nomade

Work scope:
– website
– graphic materials for the social media campaign
– a promotional video
– posters
– invitations
– notebook
– gift bags
– catalogue

animacje i zdjęcia materiałów: Ⓒhopa studio