Bilo is an application for managing bills in a secure and timely way. It automatically collects funds from the clients’ card – all you need to do is to indicate once which bills should be managed.

Our main task was to create a graphic design of a mobile application – we designed the key screens that have become the model for the entire design.

The application was created by Billennium – a Polish company with over 12 years of experience in the development of innovative IT services and products. The key reason why the team decided to create the application was the need to save time. Paying bills is to be simple, quick and effective – it should not come at the cost of other daily and more important activities. Actually, why not just forget your bills?

As the first step, with Billennium’s team in charge of the project development, we came up with the name. The association with the English word “bills” was obvious. But we also wanted the name to refer to the name of the character who will be talking about the application – to reflect its character and positive emotions.

And so Bilo was created – a friendly companion in the world of bills – a friend who will help, take care of things and explain. For the client, it was very important that the character to be shown was identical with the target group – that it became a reflection of the world in which it lives. Modern and positive, but also a bit funny, because Bilo is a friendly companion.

Paying bills is a cyclic and systematic activity that all of us perform. Bilo pays your bills regularly which is why the identification project refers to two vital words: convenience and time. We were also considering the recurrence itself, as it evokes direct associations with the flow of time, with the clock. The graphic form that suited our idea thus took the shape of the wheel – which invariably accompanies all identification elements.

The Bilo world was set in motion by Norbert Mikołajczyk – we jointly created an animation which describes the functioning of the application in a simple way.