“The Ergo Sum Journey” is a collective exhibition of the winners and finalists of the Hestia Artistic Journey competition. Our task was to create a catalog (along with promo materials) referring to its curator’ s idea. While designing, we took inspiration from the traveling process understood as an attempt to archive experiences.

The creative concept behind the catalog refers directly to the main idea of the exhibition. While designing, we were inspired by the journey – literally as well as metaphorically – as an attempt to analyze ourselves, our own experiences, the archiving process itself. We have enriched the fixed elements, like maps and pieces of information (representation of physical movement), by supplementing them with the author’s notes and remarks, that reflect thoughts and self-reflection.

We want the interaction with a viewer through design solutions to encourage a more active reception of art.

The monochromatic form of the catalog and the closing blank pages were meant to encourage one to interfere with its content, invite one to co-create, and add individual thoughts, drawings, and comments, which can emerge both after watching the exhibition, as well as long afterward. 

We wanted to give various, subjective meanings, hidden messages to the cities, oceans, and all other points on maps. Graphic motifs have been taken from cartography. The symbolic road motif repeats through the catalog crossing its pages. The maps presented in sectional spreads show the fictional continents, seas, and places. The pagination in the whole catalog has been presented with geographical coordinates. 

Scope of work:

– exhibition catalog
– promotional materials online/offline

Client: Artystyczna Podróż Hestii
Agency: Hopa Studio
Project manager: Maria Lengren
Art direction: Piotr Hołub
Design: Łukasz Pachałko
Motion design: Łukasz Pachałko
Photos of company materials:: Piotr Hołub
Project coordinator: Magdalena Kąkolewska
Production coordinators: Maja Wolniewska, Aleksandra Dobrowolska-Grobel
Editors: Maja Wolniewska, Janusz Heller, Michał Janowski, Anna Palacz
Exhibition curator: Inés Ruiz Artola