“How much is a logo?” (“Po ile logo?”) is the title of the exhibition that we created on the occasion of the Museum Night. Through our own experiences, we tell you what we think about every day, what our design process looks like and why we sometimes have to drink wine.

Our everyday life consists primarily of design and conversation. Over the years, we have learned that without a developed system even the best will fail. Therefore, regardless of whether we cooperate with large or small brands, our work has been divided into several stages.

There is time for concepts and strategies, for creative workshops and substantive design process. Thanks to this, we have the chance to meet our client, and our own ideas can be confronted with business reality. And this “confrontation” is what we wanted to show you at the exhibition. We wanted to show you how our methods and design process looks like and what we think about every day.

Some of us say that the form and aesthetics are the most important, others that the client and his business… and some of us say they look great in black. That’s good. Each of us is different. However, we have been operating in this industry long enough to understand that the ideal theory and everyday life of the designer are two different things.



At Hopa Studio, we’re working on a project in the six most important stages. We start with an analysis and a good plan. Then we conduct workshops, we design and present the project to eventually proceed with its implementation.

Each of these stages we showed at the exhibition in a symbolic way, reaching for the most common associations, problems and controversies. Colors, forms, artifacts, and even a short exercise in the “make yourself a logo” series were meant to express our everyday life at the crossroads between what is necessary, needed and that which is often unreal, fleeting and even impossible…




Scope of work:

– head sculpture
– dolphins
– stickers
– shredder hidden under the table
– angel in a cast

© all music and lyric by Jack Saint. All Rights Reserved.