It is already the fifth edition of Imagination Day organised by Stowarzyszenie Komunikacji Marketingowej SAR. Altogether, more than 2000 people participated in seminars and the show last year.

Only one aspect motivated the Organiser: inspiring people to think creatively, by stimulating the imagination, showing the best case studies, building room for exchange of thoughts and experiences. Regardless of whether you are on the agency (creative, digital, media, design, etc.) or the customer side. Regardless of the position.

Guests of the seminars are people with a concept and passion. Creative directors of leading agencies, winners and speakers of international advertising festivals. Inspiring individual authors, artists from near-advertising fields, such as technology, digital, music, film, photography.

We focused on manual work. The spot promoting the festival is a set of abstract frames, based on tricks of the light with a lot of unpredictable moments. We stimulate our imagination to add what remains undiscovered.

The spot was created with the help of:

Lads – production
Du:it – sound
MykMyk Studio – film set