KAASKAS is a Polish fashion brand established in Warsaw in 2014 by two sisters: a designer Kasia Skórzyńska and a sociologist Julia Skórzyńska–Ślusarek.

Style of KAASKAS – defined often as avant-garde – is characterised by distinctive prints, original colour combinations and modern forms, referring to elegance of the Far East. The brand has been appreciated on the domestic and world market with many awards and publications.

An approach to the production process is an important factor which distinguishes the brand. Girls choose materials and talk to their producers personally so that the final effect is actually an original product, perfected in every detail.

Works on new identification looked no different. Joint consultations and analysis at every stage – from the concept to the selection of typography and the character of printed materials. As a result, we created identification fully considering the needs of the brand and of its recipients.

The presentation of the identification and the premiere of the autumn-winter ’15 collection took place simultaneously not accidentally.

A new logo is natural evolution, more mature continuation of the previous image, the next step in the development of KAASKAS. Brand collections differ from one another above all in print and colours, but also in structural solutions. This is the reason why we created a logo which would be transparent enough to fit all solutions, but owing to big inter-letter spaces it will continue to be characteristic and will subtly refer to the previous version.

We also chose a simple and functional design which does not obscure the product itself.

All printed materials are above all minimalistic form, maximum quality and appropriately selected paper. We set the same goals when creating on-line communication. It is not flashy. It gives way to the content and designs by KAASKAS. Additional website colours can be changed quickly from the level of cms and adjusted to a specific collection or situation.