Marro is a long-term experience in the industry of office and commercial spaces. For 25 years, the company has been equipping public spaces, co-creating hundreds of projects at home and abroad. In the Warsaw’s Powiśle, Marro has created three showrooms, where it presents the best interior design brands from across the world. Lipowa, Dobra and Browarna have become not only the meeting center for clients, but also places that combine the art of design with broadly defined culture.

The design and quality of implementation are the most important values for Marro, that’s why the company have also decided for changes in its visual communication. Our task was a rebranding, which we started from the workshop and determining the structure of the brand. We were responsible for a new website, project of the catalogs and smaller job-prints, and copywriting.

For the client, the most important communication tool turned out to be the website, and it is these changes that have become crucial throughout the design process. The website concentrated in itself all the newly created graphic elements, which were gradually moved to the showroom space and presented during events by the brand.

Our first, key task was to change the logo, which after many years needed refreshing, giving it more modern, minimalistic character. Together with a series of pictograms, it became the basis of the new website, harmonizing with the rich archive of design and implementation pictures.

The specificity of Marro’s work is also direct meetings with architects and clients. That’s why printed elements had to be present among the communication tools, presenting both implemented designs of the company, and available assortment. We created a series of catalogs, which, similarly to the website, are to become a symbol of the brand’s new image.

Scope of work:

– rebranding
– naming / slogan
– copywriting
– creative workshops
– www design
– catalog design
– production supervision

Photoshoot of company materials: ©Hopa studio
Showrooms photoshoot: Maria Miklaszewska i Martyna Rudnicka