Morning Runner is a brand of natural cleansing and slimming tea created mainly for women who live in big cities around the world. The brand has so far functioned under a different name, however, due to the great success of the product among foreign customers, the owners decided on a comprehensive rebranding.

The creators of Morning Runner are a courageous team with a great sense of humour and high aesthetic requirements. They perfectly learned the market of their products, the nature of online sales and quickly adapted to the changes in consumer behaviour, which in the age of social media allow young, brave brands to overtake large corporations with their popularity. The new version of the brand was to be courageous, uncompromising, funny and beyond the boring schemes in the world of Instagram. This was the first customer in the history of Hopa, who was not afraid to cross the border of “standard” – never before in the meetings did the word “shit” and “kupa” appear so often!

Morning jump to the toilet

Our many months of work for Morning Runner began with workshops during which a comprehensive strategy was created. We have described our values together, the brand structure and the most important communication messages.

In the subsequent stages, we have created a multi-dimensional visual identity, the concept of which was strongly embedded in the everyday life of the target group. Since it is a real person who is supposed to be the centre of attention and not perfect bodies after the plastic operations of Photoshop, we have decided that identification should be in some way real – not perfect. The second element determining our work was to be a joke! Morning Runner is supposed to enjoy life and not become a victim of fashion for fitness. Morning Runner is surely a morning runner! And believe us, it’s not about jogging – this tea purges really hard!

In addition to the logo and multi-element and comprehensive website in terms of sales, we also designed a starter kit in which the recipient receives such items as: headband, printed gift cards, a set of postcards, and stickers.

Content was created parallel to the graphic elements. Hopa Studio was responsible for copywriting the whole brand. The main slogans of the campaign promoting the new view of Morning Runner were created, and whose heroine was Lucy.

In order to create a website and all printed materials, a photo session was also needed, the creative strategy which the client entrusted to us completely.

Natural and bold photos depicted the day in the life of Lucy – a beautiful, smiling girl who becomes a symbol of the daily routine of Morning Runner. Daniel Jaroszek stood behind the lens. The main role models were Weronika and Alma. Undoubtedly, the star turned out to be Bajka – the hero dog hunting for Lucy’s pizza.

Scope of work:

– creative workshop
– creative strategy
– graphic design and production
– copywriting
– naming
– webdesign
– packaging

Photoshoot of company materials: ©Hopa studio



photographer: Daniel Jaroszek
photographer’s assistant: Otto Sot
stage design: Agnieszka Bąk
stylist: Agnieszka Toczek
make up: Agnieszka Jańczyk
production: Marta Łachacz
agency: Hopa studio

Website developing: Owls Department