Each of us needs mobilization for action. Sports cards are a great way to motivate, which employers are increasingly offering to us. Thanks to them, we can use various forms of physical activity – choose places, times and type of training.

The Benefits Systems company approached us with a proposal to cooperate on changing the visual layer of one of the most important such programmes in Poland – the MultiSport card. The goal was to create a brand that is closer to the recipient and is natural, relaxed and less corporate. In the new solution, a clear division into the elements of image communication (photos), product communication (illustrations – describing particular activities and services) and graphics that connect us both worlds was to apply. The system was designed to be fast in communication, capacious and easy to learn when generating next variants.

Our design goals are: creating a rebranding that would order the current identification and introduction of solutions that will change the perception of the sport by the target group. We would show physical activity not as a necessary evil but a pleasure for each of us according to the principle of “MultiSport is not just a sport!”

We changed the mark in its design, typography and colours based on these guidelines. We have introduced a graphic theme that emphasizes the tone of diversity and fun. We have created manual branding describing the basic mechanisms of identification. We have proposed a number of illustrations and pictograms to build a new brand-friendly world.

The most important message inspiring and building our project work was the definition of movement presented to us by the client in the brief. It was understanding of physical activity as part of our lives that allowed us to apply less formal solutions, and not requiring training for professionals.

“Movement is not just sweat, blood and tears. Movement is not just working on your own condition. We move because we like to play, relax and we need to change something from time to time, to recharge our batteries, or just to feel good. Everyone has their own ways, and if they are not there … it is just enough to want to. It is enough to try to find your remedy for boredom, your climate and your rhythm. Without looking at what falls out, what is fashionable. Feel at ease. MultiSport is just like you … so what makes you move?” A brand is a beauty and adventure that manifests itself in every form of movement and in every space.

Scope of work:

– rebranding
– brand strategy workshops
– design of company materials
– web design

Photos of company materials: ©Hopa studio

Copyright MultiSport photoshoot:

photographers: Agnieszka Kulesza & Łukasz Pik
photographer’s assistant Filip Zwierzchowski, Adrian Obręczarek
models: Ola, Maria, Magda, Mikołaj, Miłosz
stylist: Magda Jagnicka
make-up: Iza Kućmierowska
hair: Kamil Pecka
scenography: Piotrek Stachurski
postproduction: Mesh Studio