nc+ is a Polish satellite digital platform formed as a result of a strategic partnership of Group ITI and Groupe Canal+ as well as a merger of the n and Cyfra+ platforms.

The nc+ offer consists of 130 TV channels. Out of them 50 is in the HD quality. nc+ is the first satellite TV operator in Central and Eastern Europe and the third throughout Europe in terms of HD channels available.

An internal department of creation in Canal+ which was responsible for carrying out rebranding asked na for assistance in creating a brandbook as well as internal and external materials.

Working with such a large project? Why not!

The whole identification is based on the assumption that the logo by its nature has neither filling nor defined basic colour. Transparency is the logo’s basic form. Filling of the logo is a fragment of the picture on which we will place the nc+ sign.

The claim “See more” expresses spirit of the identification and of the whole platform. Its content can change and adjust to a given situation on the screen.

We mainly use small letters – lower case and classic sentence records – to maintain the humanistic character of font and its unpretentiousness.

Icons supplement the text information and refer in their character to the typography used in identification.

Used on the website and in the decoder managing panel.