Need for Street is a periodical event combining fashion and art, a permanent part of the cultural calendar of Warsaw. In 2013, the organisers focused on collaboration of the world of technology and art. Exhibitions of luminous posters, music projects, 3d printing workshops or animated gifs created by Picsane could be found among many attractions which waited for the visitors. Also this time exceptional stickers were created, among others, by Luiza Kwiatkowska, Karol Banach, Patryk Hardziej, Patrycja Podkościelny, Gosia Herba.

Our task was to create identification which would be in the spirit of this edition, and at the same time would be broad-ranging enough to remain a brand for a longer period of time. The broad offer and its diversity inspired us to create a character overwhelmed by creative mass with plenty of elements accompanying us when exploring next stalls at the festival.

Characteristic key visuals were used on the posters, in leaflets and other identification elements which supported promotion of the event.