Kamieniec Palace is a centuries-old history architecturally set with gardens and scenery. The restored mansion is located in the heart of the picturesque Kłodzko Valley. Surrounded by an intimate garden after dozens of years of oblivion, it has regained its former splendour opening its doors to all those who value contact with history and nature.

Clients of Kamieniec Palace are a new group of conscious, interesting recipients of the world, who expect unusual and exciting solutions during their travels. What is important for them is the atmosphere of the place, the peace, the beauty of the landscape and the surrounding nature that they need after a hard day’s work and daily duties. They appreciate Western service standards and a high level of aesthetics. They want unique, original and exclusive holidays, which are not a determinant of wealth, but an interesting adventure. Luxury in their meaning is style, sophisticated elegance and peace.

Kamieniec Palace is something more than just an overnight stay, it’s a kind of experience, which is why the visual identification that our client was looking for first of all expressed the uniqueness of the place: lifestyle, in accordance with the needs of very demanding guests, home atmosphere, peace and quiet, discreet elegance expressed in beautiful interiors, attention to detail of decorations and very high standards of services.

We started cooperation with Kamieniec Palace from creative workshops, thanks to which we summarized the structure of the brand – we got to know the most important elements building the image of the place and proposed a number of communication solutions.  Both the design guidelines and the content of the dossier promoting the future Kamieniec Palace were created on the basis of meetings with the client. We knew how to build this amazing history of a place full of vegetation and monuments.

Our project task was primarily to organize the existing visual materials, rebranding the mark and change the company’s typography. We have chosen the sheriff’s typeface with a modern flair. We have put the materials in a subtle mark referring to the tiles found in the interiors of the palace. The entirety is shown on Munken Rough offset paper.

Scope of work:

– brand strategy workshops
– rebranding
– copywriting
– design of company materials
– company materials production

Photos of company materials: ©hopa studio