We strongly believe in specialisation. We design. Paperless streamlines the work. It shows how to manage documents in the company quicker by making available a set of technological and service modules for optimisation of business processes. Hats off to Paperless. What is now the best way to tell it to the world? Identification was needed, which in a simple, but at the same time characteristic and original manner, would tell us, the users, what Paperless has to offer, how it works and how much it can help us.

At the beginning of works on the design, the client suggested that it would be a good solution to create a representative, an ambassador of the brand who describes and shows us the world of Paperless. It seemed to us that the idea is too obvious. We did not want to fall into a trap of stock, boring pictures with a man in the suit after all.

As we wanted to avoid a visual key typical of the IT industry, we convinced the client of modern, flat identification set in the world of fairy-tale superheroes.

As a result of such operation, we could describe tools from the industry, which is inaccessible, boring and incomprehensible for most people, in a friendly and simple manner.

We created a character of Chaos who personifies bureaucracy and the excess of paper in the company. He destroys all daredevils; tools which try to handle him.

THEY – inconspicuous heroes, namely modules of the Paperless team – come to rescue. Each of them has specific power and abilities.

They square up and defeat the enemy. Their heroic attitude translates into real benefit – it increases efficiency and organises the workplace.

We built a website as the main channel of communication the main element of which is film combining elements of the 2d animation and of video “selling” the history of paperless.

We were responsible for the desktop design, RWD and implementation of the whole design.

Additionally, we created paper elements to the animation, which put in the fairy-tale scenery of Paperless.

LADS was responsible for production of this fragment of work.
Animation: Norbert Mikolajczyk

For the paperless design, we received a silver sword in the Club of Advertising Creators competition in the visual/online identification category.

Online application www.ktr.pl