RDZA is a boutique photo studio in industrial interiors, located in the Mokotów district of Warsaw. There’s 140 square meters of space designed to allow each session, recording or casting to take place in a pleasant atmosphere.

RDZA is ready for sessions, video recordings, castings, workshops or various events with lots of good music, coffee and everything you need during creative work.  The studio owners set a good image from the very beginning, – they designed great interiors with wood, elements of green velour, raw metal. They wanted the place to be not only professional, but also comfortable and friendly to all aesthetes. This was also what visual identification was meant to be.

We started working with the creation of a name. The place is immediately associated with the industrial, very harsh climate of interiors combined with the delicacy of greenery and materials used. We have gone for the word RDZA, which in an interesting way reflects the atmosphere of space – it sounds great and looks great!

We have designed a logo that reproduces the rough sound of names, internal and external studios, website and business cards. All elements were embedded in a very minimalist, but at the same time quite aesthetic, in which the main roles are played by green and black colours and typography.

Scope of work:

– naming
– logo and company materials design
– production of company materials
– www design

Photos of company materials: ©Hopa studio