SAY is the brand within the cosmetic industry that made its debut on the Polish market in 2018 with the series of professional make-up brushes. Together with our client from the beginning we created all elements of visual identification, starting from creative workshops, as part of which the name, structure of the brand and its tone of voice were created. We were also responsible for the design of the product and the packaging. The whole process ended with the image session, which we were responsible for as the creative team.

SAY is mainly the line of professional make-up brushes, which bring out the true potential of the cosmetics. The product that will enable to paint even better thanks to its quality – certified materials, handicraft production and utmost care in which it is made. Our task was to create the premium product and to place it in a luxurious, modern visual world.

The closeness of a group, community, in which women inspire each other is important for SAY. This is expressing yourself and creation made together. The brand says to its clients: come, see, let’s try to do it together, because then our world is interesting and different. Although women differ from each other, still they always hold together, they pass ideas, information, advice to each other. Therefore we show various forms, faces, since every woman presents its own, unique style, colour and make-up. SAY is the state of closeness, variety, mutual inspiration and creative fun. These are our #CREATIVE WORKS

The target group of the brand involves women from big cities, who appreciate make-up, use it every day in various styles. Clients are conscious users of beauty brands – they know the market and they know which accessories and cosmetics are best for them. Although they don’t deal with make-up as a profession, they are not professionals, still the way how they look is appreciated by other women. They are interested in cosmetic novelties, they talk about them and they recommend them. They respect the power of relation with the brand and women, who use similar products.

Hopa Studio was fully responsible for the design of the product, the packaging and visual identification. We started our work from a creative workshop, during which a multi-element brief was created, but also the name and the structure of the brand. In the next stage we proposed the concept of identification referring to #creativeworks catchword – the claim of SAY – present in all the tools designed by us. Vivid colours and forms permeating one another are to express the closeness and mutual inspiration in a diverse world of women. The process of creating the product and its packaging turned out to be the most important task. In order to maintain the minimalism of the modern form, at the same time emphasising the boldness of make-up, we proposed the combination of vivid colour of bristle with minimally profiled, navy blue handle. We have combined moderate design of the product with distinctive packaging.

The world of the brand has also been transferred into the concept of the image session by Daniel Jaroszek and the video by Mateusz Dziekoński. Their work is the quintessence of #creativeworks – courage, closeness, distinctness and the best creative fun.

Scope of work:

– creative workshop
– creative strategy
– graphic design and production
– copywriting
– naming
– webdesign
– packaging

Photoshoot of company materials: ©Hopa studio

Photo and video shoot:

photographer: Daniel Jaroszek
dir/dop: Mateusz Dziekoński DP
production: MAKATA / Janek Szczeniowski, Ola Pudło
mua: Gosia Sulima
stylist: Marcela Stańczyk Fashion Stylist
music: Darek Podhajski / GŁOŚNO