SilentiumPC is a Polish brand, creating coolers, enclosures, power supplies, fans and other computer accessories. After 12 years of intensive product development and customer relations, the founders of Silentium have decided on new image-building activities that emphasize the company’s key values.

Together with the product premieres, Silentium presented a completely new visual identity. After joint workshops on the structure of the brand and the creative concept, we started to design: the logo, the web and the packaging system.

Silentium is created by specialists and enthusiasts from the computer industry. They are people with extensive experience who design and supervise their products in an intensive production process. In practice, this translates into customer recognition and a number of distinctions and recommendations from industry portals.

We knew from the beginning, that our work was to highlight the four most important values of Silentium: quality, good price, professionalism and customer support. In the visual layer, we have therefore proposed a lot of minimalist accents, black and white graphic elements, photos of people creating the company and a strong product detail.

The logo made by us refers to the tradition of the Silentium brand. Many years of the company’s operation, both on the Polish and foreign markets, kept us firmly in check. Although we have decided to change in the form itself, it still relies on the existing associations of the sign.

The website has gained a completely new face – modern means of expression, a simplified form of content presentation and a clear focus on the assortment. We have also proposed a different form of product packaging according to an easy-to-apply design system.