Uselab is a strategy & consultancy company providing services in product design, service design, research, experience strategy & design, graphic design and IT development.

It is the most experienced company of this kind in Poland, commanding the biggest interdisciplinary team, comprised of UX designers, service designers, researchers and graphic designers.

Since the human being and its experiences are the central points to the brief, and then to our talks with a client, we have understood that we need to leave technology behind, focus on emotions and find a way to include them in the new identity. From where we stand, the most difficult thing was finding a symbol that would show the multiplicity of human experiences (sadness, happiness, smile, pain, surprise, anger, love, lust, disappointment, peace, etc.)

Watching people, we have realized that emotions are also a way for people to communicate with each other. It is a kind of language, that allows one to convey certain messages put in context of the particular human being’s experiences.

Thus, an idea was born to use our observations to design the identity based on simple, abstract symbols representing the language of human emotions. The language that is not always understood by everyone.

We have designed identity, that uses these symbols to designate elements important from the human being’s perspective, crucial to its emotions and experiences. This is how a system has been developed, that works equally well on printed materials, physical objects, digital products, photographs, clothing and interiors.

What is also important, is that thanks to the proper design of the logo, we have decided to show that the Uselab company is able to extract from the sea of these human experiences, emotions and symbols those, which are crucial for human fulfillment and success of the client’s project.

A completion of the identification is a series of photos of people related to Uselab, taken by Anka Boychev. With her reportage and effortless character, she underlines the credibility and goal of the brand as a company focused on people.

In 2015, we have received the Silver Sword award for the project at the Advertisement Creators Club contest, in the visual/online identification category.

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